Airlines say they’ll need to hire thousands of pilots, military does not have enough to recruit

(U.S. Air Force Photo by Machiko Arita) U.S. airlines have a retirement problem. When the airline industry struggled after the Sept. 11, 2001 [...]

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Air Force is trying to determine what to do about Elon Musk’s pot smoking

The US Air Force is trying to figure out how to deal with civilian contractors who have their “heads in the clouds,” thanks to SpaceX [...]

Quick Hit: Air Force Continues Trying to Solve Pilot Shortage With Small Ideas

In its latest attempt to stem a gushing arterial bleed with a Hello Kitty bandaid, the Air Force is now offering more flight pay to [...]

Quick Hit: Dumb Article Stereotypes Entire Generation of Warriors

I'm only sharing this article to remark on how woefully misguided it is, and to critique the entire premise of bundling a generation of people [...]


Airman found dead at Ellsworth AFB has been identified

Ellsworth Air Force Base officials have identified the airman whose body was found at his off-base residence Monday Senior Airman William Horton was a B-1 [...]

Airman found dead near Ellsworth Air Force Base

Airmen line up at the ‘Taste of Latin America’ food tasting event, held at the Base Exchange food court, on Ellsworth Air Force Base, [...]

USAF drops the most munitions in Afghanistan since 2010

September was the month of nonstop steel rain in Afghanistan, according to the US Air Force. 948 air munitions were reportedly released as part of [...]

USAF pilot in hospital after ejecting from F-16 in Germany

A US military fighter jet crashed on Tuesday near the south-western German city of Trier, leaving its pilot with minor injuries. The F-16 Fighting Falcon [...]

Senator asks FAA to look into exemption allowing B-17 aircraft to carry passengers

Following last week's crash of a B-17 bomber at Bradley International Airport that killed seven people and injured seven others, U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., is asking the head of the Federal Aviation Administration to look into "what specific inspection protocols" went into allowing passengers to fly aboard the 75-year-old aircraft.

Three men dead after they attempt to drive through gate at Robbins AFB

(Sue Sapp/ Air Force) Three men were killed late Friday when their vehicle drove attempted to drive through a gate at Robins Air [...]

Airman killed in murder suicide that claims three lives

A 24-year-old Adams County native serving in the U.S. Air Force was one of three people found dead in a suspected murder-suicide in Wyoming Tuesday.

As tension overseas increases, USAF shifts Middle East command center from Qatar to US

The Combined Air And Space Operations Center at al-Udeid Air Base in Qatar sits empty after operations were briefly shifted to Shaw Air Force [...]

Teen being held without bail for murdering Airman during robbery

A 17-year-old in North Little Rock is accused of killing an Airman who was attempting to stop an armed robbery- and he will now be held without bail until his capital murder trial.

Air Force changes policy, says pregnant women can fly all aircraft

If you’re flying for the US Air Force and happen to be pregnant, you may not need a waiver to perform your duties.

USAF veteran, FedEx pilot detained in China over possession of plastic BBs

A former US Air Force Colonel flying for FedEx was detained in the southern Chinese region of Guangzhou for possession of “ammunition,” which turned out to be little more than 6mm plastic BBs.

Air Force wants next gen. fighters to be designed, produced in less than 5 years

Concept art released by the the Air Force Research Lab in 2018 shows a potential next-generation fighter concept, or F-X. (Air Force Research Laboratory) [...]

Congressman threatens USAF, says he’ll give light attack planes to Army for Special Operations

A former Green Beret-turned lawmaker has had enough of the US Air Force dragging its feet to field propeller-driven light attack planes- and is now [...]

USAF F-35s drop 39 tons of bombs on “ISIS-infested” island

An ISIS-infested island in Iraq was blasted with over 39 tons of bombs from US Air Force F-35s and F-15s, creating some of the most awesome display of firepower to hit the internet in years.

Air Force backs a USAF aircrew after they stayed at a Trump-owned hotel in Scotland

The US Air Force is backing an aircrew that stayed in a Trump-branded hotel in Scotland, claiming that they followed procedure and did nothing wrong. [...]

Air Force A-10 accidentally fires live rocket near Tucson

An A-10 went “hog wild” and accidentally fired an unguided rocket over the Arizona skies near Tucson Thursday morning, prompting an investigation. The rocket, which [...]

$8 million for Air Force base will likely be diverted to build border wall

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. – The passenger terminal provides access to the base’s flight line July 30, 2019, at Peterson Air Force Base, [...]

Airman becomes first USAF female to earn Army’s Ranger tab

Since 1955, when the Army began accepting Airmen into its school, nearly 300 Airmen across different Air Force Specialty Codes have earned the Ranger tab. [...]

Russia in talks with Turkey to sell Su-57 fighter jet after US suspends F-35

A prototype of the Su-57 in flight at the MAKS 2011 air show. (wikipedia coomons) Russia is in talks with Turkey to sell [...]

Spanish Air Force commander dies after jet crashes into sea

A C-101 Aviojet aircraft of the Honduran air force sits on the flight line with its canopy open. Some of these Spanish-designed trainer/light attack [...]