Unlawful DLI Order Attempts to Abridge Servicemember Liberty

George Orwell famously said "[if] liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." Apparently, [...]


Former CMSAF Closes Out Career with Theatrical Waste of Time

Symbolically perfect. Here's the guy who presided over the evisceration of the enlisted corps. Massive manpower cuts combined with increasing requirements that made a mockery [...]

Commander Embraces Basic Decency, Bans Nickelback in Workplace

In a decree reminiscent of the "no shirt, no shoes, no service" rule of yesteryear, a US Army officer has issued an order poised to [...]

Lodging Bureaucrats Continue to Harass Airmen, Discriminate Against Businesses

Last week, we told you about the Air Force's corporate decision to reverse a misguided interpretation of its lodging policy that was threatening to throw [...]

‘Incoming Missile’ alert message accidentally sent to all airmen at Spangdahlem Air Base

The "incoming missile" message that was posted to Facebook with the addition of an emoji, along with the all clear follow up message that [...]

Retired Air Force general lashes out against accuser, brands her a liar

(Department of Defense) Investigation documents show that an Air Force general stripped of two stars and $60 thousand in annual-retirement pay feels his [...]

Air Force Reverses Course on Lodging Policy

Once in a while, social media activism works.  Last week, we featured a story about an Air Force ruling forcing pilots attending long-term training to [...]

CSAF Takes Huge Pilot Retention Risk, Lobbies for Civilian Hiring Restrictions on Air Force Pilots

In aviation parlance, the back side of the power curve is known as the "region of reverse command." In normal flight, a pilot controls altitude [...]

So Much for Wingman Culture: Pentagon Ignores Federal Travel Regulation, Steals From Airmen

Gen. David Goldfein says he wants to repair the culture of the Air Force. That he understands this is what's driving pilots and others to [...]

Air Force Butchers History in Chappie James Memorial Video

Note: since this article was first published, the producer has come forward on Facebook and taken responsibility for the mistakes detailed below. This is an [...]

Why Weinstein is Right About Prayer Breakfast Invitation

Much hubbub is being made of Col. Erik Shafa's misguided mass email nudging his 42d Airbase Wing subordinates to attend a [Christian] "prayer breakfast" event [...]

Unlawful DLI Order Attempts to Abridge Servicemember Liberty

George Orwell famously said "[if] liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." Apparently, [...]

Air Force Demotes Retired 4-Star for Sexual Misconduct, But Questions Loom

JQP first reported the news in August of last year that an active duty female Colonel had lodged a sexual assault complaint against a retired [...]

3-Star Directs Entire Air Force to Waste Time Changing Letterhead

Lt. Gen. Stayce Harris, Assistant [to the] Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force. Not long ago, we ran a piece criticizing the use [...]

Police officer, USAF reservist continues training despite sexual battery charges

A Palm Beach County sheriff's deputy accused of sexual battery was in court Tuesday asking the judge to allow him to continue his Air Force [...]

3-Star Grants Sleeve Liberty to Aircrew Members Worldwide

While POTUS was busy signing controversial executive orders, Lt. Gen. Mark Nowland was busy shaking the Earth with an order of his own, bequeathing to [...]

Drunk on VIP Culture, Air Force Employs NCOs as House Servants

Anyone who has seen the movie "The Big Short" may remember a key scene exposing the depth of deviant conduct in the mortgage industry that [...]

Air Force 2-Star Threatens Dereliction Charges for Failure to Answer Phones

Maj. Gen. Bart Iddins is something like a galactic overlord of hospital administration. He's a medical doctor with graduate degrees from Harvard and Air War [...]

Good-Natured Squadron Shenanigans Trigger Social Media Witch Hunt

There was a time in the Air Force when commanders understood a timeless principle that has since been forcefully rejected: in order to raise an [...]

A Soldier’s Story of Survival after Being Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault in the U.S. Army

PFC Thomas Chestnut My name is Thomas Chestnut, I am 28 years old. About four years ago (2012) I joined the army to [...]

Separation of church and state violation alleged at Wright-Patterson AFB

Lt. Gen. Robert P. Otto, Air Force’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance, passes the National Air and Space Intelligence Center’s [...]

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