The Air Force Nosedive Will Continue Until it Deals with Toxic Commanders

The Air Force is losing its people. They're bailing out. The generals are asking how they can reverse this flow and once again make the [...]


95 Reasons

The Air Force recently asked pilots to give some feedback on why they're bailing out of the service. One sublimely creative rogue made his point [...]

The Air Force Nosedive Will Continue Until it Deals with Toxic Commanders

The Air Force is losing its people. They're bailing out. The generals are asking how they can reverse this flow and once again make the [...]

The Strategy Behind the Bomb

When we’re doing things right militarily, every tactic aligns with a strategy. A strategy with carefully chosen ends served by intelligently employed ways and means. [...]

Commander Single-Handedly Defeats ISIS With Improved Punctuation

BADASS ALERT. In an email distributed to airmen across the globe, an Air Force Operations Group Commander, working through his chief emissary, launched an innovative [...]

Air Force Backpedals on Stop Loss — General Now Says “Off the Table”

Yesterday, we brought you analysis and commentary on the Air Force's threat to implement a controversial program known as Stop Loss, which essentially amounts to back-door conscription, [...]

Air Force, Put Down the Stop Loss and Back Away

Last year, the Air Force got a new Chief of Staff, Gen. Dave Goldfein. With his arrival came a new commitment to confronting and substantially [...]

Air Force lacks resources to retrieve Humvee after a week of being stuck outside nuclear missile silo

  Despite boasting 37-inch tires, the power to climb a 40 percent grade and the capability to traverse up to 60 inches of water — [...]

Exclusive: Deborah Lee James Serving In Trump Administration

Five months ago, Washington was struck by a bright orange political nuclear weapon. As the mushroom cloud and debris are beginning to clear, we can see [...]

The latest reports about F-16 crash near Joint Base Andrews

CLINTON, Md. — The Latest on an F-16 crash in the Washington suburbs (all times local): 4:15 p.m. Military officials say a pilot whose F-16 [...]

Breaking: “In The Weeds” General Obsesses Over Bullshit Triviliaties

Why do Air Force generals eventually become walking cliches? Because over the course of 30-40 year careers, they fail to stay on pace with the context changing [...]

Colonel cleared of discrimination claims, punished by general two years after case closed

Col. Michael A. Madrid (right) with his lawyer (left). At its core, this story clearly illustrates why it’s imperative the Air Force must [...]

The Air Force Pilot Retention Crisis in Seven Memes

Flat spin, headed out to sea, etc. No editorial this time, just the stirrings of a dank meme stash. Share freely and feel free to [...]

Punching Out: Latest ‘Dear Boss’ Letter Decries Air Force’s Lack of True Leadership

The Air Force is in the throes of a pilot retention crisis. Not a problem, issue, dip, or down-cycle, but a full-blown crisis. The service [...]

2-Year Old Finance Screw-up Poised to Create Hardship for Hundreds of Junior Airmen

As Air Force senior leaders struggle mightily to address morale, they continue to get "help" from all the standard support agencies. This time, it's Finance's [...]

The 355th Fighter Wing Commander brings charges against former Command Chief

Chief Master Sgt. Jose Barraza In a press release by Air Combat Command, the Air Force outlines why the command chief of the [...]

“Torpedo” General Takes Aim at Wrong Target

Yesterday, we reported on remarks made by Brig. Gen. John Shapland at the Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) flight ops summit in which he threatened [...]

General Threatens to “Torpedo” Careers of Air Force Pilots Who Choose to Leave

This past Monday, Brig. Gen. John Shapland addressed a gathering of Air Force Materiel Command leaders at the command's flight operations summit at Eglin Air [...]

Air Force officer with Top Secret clearance arrested in Florida prostitution sting

An active-duty Air Force captain is one of 104 people taken into custody Saturday in a Polk County prostitution sting targeting human trafficking. Air Force [...]

Openly gay general named as new USAFA commandant, MRFF questions why the USAF has not made public

Maj. Gen. Richard Clark, 8th Air Force commander, Col. Kristin Goodwin, 2BW outgoing commander and Col. Ty Neuman, 2nd Bomb Wing incoming commander, stand [...]

Open Letter to Gen. Dave Goldfein

Gen. Goldfein, Writing you this letter regarding the video below, which you sent to airmen in response to the recent Marine Corps scandal involving the [...]

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