The Air Force Nosedive Will Continue Until it Deals with Toxic Commanders

The Air Force is losing its people. They're bailing out. The generals are asking how they can reverse this flow and once again make the [...]


Lackland Rape Case Tossed on Appeal, Wrongly Convicted SNCO to Walk Free

After three years in prison and after enduring a hellish ordeal as bizarre as it was undeserved, MSgt. Mike Silva will soon be a free [...]

Gut-Wrenching Letter Questions Legitimacy of Military Justice System

The text of the letter below was recently published at the Save Our Heroes facebook page and deserves a broader transmission. As you read through [...]

Air Force Restores Opportunities for Airmen With Massive Enlisted PME Reform

The Air Force is seriously getting its act together in some key ways recently. Not least among the recent signals that institutional reform is on [...]

Air Force TACP Specialist exemplifies ‘Service Before Self,’ receives ESPY

“I will stay strong for the ones who can not, I will fight for the ones who can not fight, I will never F ##### [...]

Suspect connected to Air Force recruiting center bombing now in police custody

  Benjamin Roden, 29, of Tulsa, has been identified as the person of interest arrested in the bombing of an Air Force recruiting center [...]

Air Force Eliminates School Selection at O-4 Promotion Boards

The text below is from an email sent by the Chief of Staff to his wing commanders and key leaders earlier today. In it, he [...]

Bomb set off at Air Force recruiting center, FBI investigating

BIXBY, Okla. (AP) — Federal authorities have confirmed an explosive device was set off outside an Air Force recruiting center near Tulsa, Oklahoma. Bixby police [...]

Here’s an Example of How to Not Create a Positive Safety Culture

This isn't a huge story, but it manages to reveal a lot about what has become of the Air Force's service culture over the past [...]

Air Force Threatens to Court Martial Airmen Who Fail to Report Relationship Rumors

Sometimes you read something so insanely stupid that you feel violated -- perhaps lobotmized -- after having read it. At the risk of making you [...]

Edwards Planning Mass Drug Test for Thursday, July 6th

Back in April 2016, we brought you a story about the wing commander at Edwards AFB ordering a mass lockdown at the front gate, with [...]

I’d Follow This Guy

This one doesn't need a lot of introduction. Here we catch a glimpse of a commander who has all the right ideas and is leading [...]

Corruption in the Ranks: McGuire IG Wrongly Dismisses NCO’s Reprisal Complaint

  An article published on June 22 on NJ.com chronicles the curious case of SSgt. Mario Manago, a 12-year Air Force veteran with a strong [...]

CSAF Illustrates Crushing Pace of Air Force Life

Since Dave Goldfein took over as Chief of Staff of the Air Force, he's been consistent in his message that the conditions of service are [...]

Ret. USAF A-10 pilot receiving Silver Star for saving US ground soldiers in Iraq

Lt. Col. Gregory D. Thornton A retired Lt. Col. is adding a Silver Star to his shadow box after Air Force officials decided [...]

AF colonel arrested for soliciting a minor boy for sex facing federal enticement charge

Col. Michael Shawn Garrett After being arrested by Panama City Beach Police on a charge of soliciting a minor for sex May 15, [...]

Air Force Scrambles as Hundreds of Pilots Press for Answers on Bonus Debacle

When the Air Staff opens for business on Monday morning, one of the most pressing issues on the plate will be how to handle the [...]

From the Inbox: Downrange Chiefings Continue to Run Amok

We get a lot of mail here at JQP. From time to time, patterns emerge and it seems worthwhile to share some of the insight [...]

USAF reports service members may have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis

An Air Force physical therapy element chief with the 379th Expeditionary Medical Operations Squadron, inserts a dry needle into a patients arm at Al [...]

Bonus Shenanigans Expose Air Force’s Lack of Progress on Pilot Retention

A year ago, the Air Force began corporately acknowledging what everyone else already knew -- that it was dangerously short on pilots and projecting a [...]

Air Force’s Senior Lawyer Pressured Prosecutors on Sex Case

Official Photo - Lt Gen Richard Harding (U.S. Air Force Photo by Michael Pausic) Yesterday, we told you about an Air Force rape [...]