CSAF: Time to Revitalize the Squadron as the Core of the Air Force

Just a couple weeks ago, JQP invited airmen to fantasize about what it might be like to have a new Chief of Staff attack his leadership [...]


Oh Good. More Garbage Social Media Advice from the Mattress Police.

The Air Force says it has public affairs function primarily so it can educate the American people on the story of airpower. This is how [...]

In 16-Page Memo, Air Force Instructs Airmen on Exactly How They Will Tolerate Transgender Teammates

You can't manufacture social change. Not directly. Don't believe anyone who says otherwise. Social change is about people changing their minds. Notice I didn't say [...]

Air Force Base dumped 150,000 gallons of cancer causing chemical laced water into sewer system

Tony Waiswilos form the U.S. Fire Service works with the 302nd Airlift Wing at Peterson AFB to upload retardant in to the modular air [...]

Illegal Air Force Policy Places Conditions on Annual Leave

Members of the Air Force, regardless of rank, performance record, or degree of official approval, are entitled to 30 days of paid leave each year of [...]

Puzzle Palace Chronicles: Air Staff Attacks Fighter Pilot Shortage By Offering Meaningless Awards

The Air Force doesn't have enough pilots to perform its mission. The shortage, which has been multiplying uncontrolled for years despite shrill warnings from everyone [...]

Top General Says Air Force Morale Got “Lost in the Shuffle”

Air Force Times recently released an article detailing its vain attempts over the past 18 months to persuade the Air Force to release the results [...]

Air Force Finally Coming Around on Fitness

Lt. Gen. Gina Grosso recently gave an interview to Air Force Times about potential changes to the Officer Evaluation System. But in the course of [...]

Air Force overhauling officer evaluations and promotions

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. – Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James Cody answers questions from students attending Airmen Leadership School at [...]

Air Force Reserve Encourages Professional Airmen to Play with Crayons

If you joined the Air Force because you aspired to develop a lethal skillset and take pride in delivering molten steel to the hapless forecraniums of [...]

Congressmen Call on Senate to Reject Hastings Nomination

Two legislators known for exercising effective oversight on military matters have sent a letter to the Senate Armed Services Committee urging that it reject the nomination [...]

Air Force Rewards Miley Gate Commander with General’s Star

Col. Brian Hastings was the Wing Commander at Laughlin during the "Miley Gate" scandal. He wrongly punished three officers for drug use without evidence. Hastings [...]

“I am burnt the fuck out, and there is nothing I can do about it.”

Over the last several budget cycles, the Air Force traded away manpower to preserve modernization. It gave away people to buy equipment. By the service's [...]

Comment: Time to End the Inappropriate Deference to E-9s

Three years ago, a good friend of mine was fired from command for sending out a newsletter to his squadron that discussed being "chiefed." The [...]

“HPO”: the Secret Program that Grooms the Air Force’s Anointed Leaders

If you believe the company line, Air Force officer promotions are all about selecting the best performers for the biggest jobs, matching responsibility with capability. [...]

USAF U-2 spy plane crashes in California, first time in 20 years

A U-2 military spy plane from Beale Air Force Base crashed in California's Sutter County this morning.   The aircraft was assigned to the 1st [...]

Human remains found at Edwards Air Force Base

Human remains were discovered at an Air Force base in southern California on Monday, sparking an investigation. According to Kern Golden Empire, the remains of [...]

Air Force IG Report Ignores Assault on Civilian in Travis Retirement Debacle

Back in April, a group of NCOs physically apprehended and forcibly removed a civilian from a retirement tribute at Travis Air Force Base. The civilian, Oscar [...]

What the Hell, IAVA?

If there is one thing the veteran population won't abide, it's bullshit. With its decisions and actions the past few weeks, Paul Rieckhoff's Iraq and [...]

Review: Breaking in a new AR pistol with Ballistol

When it comes to building firearms, there is little more satisfying than firing the first shot. After the first shot, however, comes the arduous and [...]

Chuck Yeager on Twitter: Breaking the Nonsense Barrier

Retired United States Air Force Brig. Gen. Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager poses for photographers after returning from his 65th anniversary of breaking the sound barrier [...]

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