Unlawful DLI Order Attempts to Abridge Servicemember Liberty

George Orwell famously said "[if] liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." Apparently, [...]


General Threatens to “Torpedo” Careers of Air Force Pilots Who Choose to Leave

This past Monday, Brig. Gen. John Shapland addressed a gathering of Air Force Materiel Command leaders at the command's flight operations summit at Eglin Air [...]

Air Force officer with Top Secret clearance arrested in Florida prostitution sting

An active-duty Air Force captain is one of 104 people taken into custody Saturday in a Polk County prostitution sting targeting human trafficking. Air Force [...]

Openly gay general named as new USAFA commandant, MRFF questions why the USAF has not made public

Maj. Gen. Richard Clark, 8th Air Force commander, Col. Kristin Goodwin, 2BW outgoing commander and Col. Ty Neuman, 2nd Bomb Wing incoming commander, stand [...]

Open Letter to Gen. Dave Goldfein

Gen. Goldfein, Writing you this letter regarding the video below, which you sent to airmen in response to the recent Marine Corps scandal involving the [...]

Senate Rejects Air Force Push to Promote Miley Gate Commander

Last fall, the Air Force nominated Col. Brian Hastings for promotion to Brigadier General. It was a deeply controversial selection given Hastings' role in the [...]

Veterans unable to sign up for Veterans Affairs Burn Pit Registry

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) launched the Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry in June 2014 to better understand the long-term health effects [...]

Lt. Colonel’s unsecured backup drive exposes thousands of US Air Force documents

Security researchers discovered an unsecured hard drive containing sensitive data on the Air Force network, according to reports throughout mainstream media. The device, which purportedly [...]

Air Force Backpedals on Enlisted Professional Military Education Requirements

Over the last couple of years, in a reckless and deeply unpopular policy move, now-retired E-9 James Cody pushed through mandatory timelines for developmental course [...]

Last One Out of the Air Force, Turn Out the Lights [Video]

The Air Force is 60,000 airmen short. Here are five people who can be re-purposed toward that shortage. Bent on dissolving those pesky last few [...]

Vance Group Commander Institutes Mass Booze Crackdown

On the one hand, we have the Air Force's most senior generals allegedly working feverishly to devise ways of keeping more pilots in the service. [...]

General Responds to Air Force Censorship Controversy

Apparently seeking to quash a simmering controversy that arose when an Air Force leader at Lackland Air Force Base sought to censor airmen in his [...]

Why the Air Force’s PC Censorship Campaign is a Threat to National Security

As first reported at Town Hall and later at Popular Military, some imbecile sporting a blue uniform adorned with a high rank transmitted an email [...]

Air Force Lodging Offices Continue Lying to Airmen, Ignoring Federal Law

Over the past month, the Air Force's lodging bureaucracy has come under scrutiny for its policies and procedures, many of which are at odds with [...]

Did Air Force Permit Child Care in Accused Child Pornographer’s Home?

As recently reported by Jim Verchio at Popular Military, a Federal Grand Jury has issued an indictment charging Air Force Lieutenant Jesse Furse, of Kirtland [...]

New CMSAF Gets Off on Wrong Foot With Bizarre Statements on Morale

Chief Master Sgt. Kaleth O. Wright speaks after being named the 18th Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force at the Pentagon Nov. 16, [...]

The Disgraceful Case of Maj. Clarence Anderson

I'll open by saying it took me too long to weigh in on this case, and that's something I regret.  Of the countless cases of [...]

Wright-Patt won’t say what took so long to stop car after security breach

Gate 15A Traffic at Wright-Patterson AFB. (Photo Credit: James M. Mitchell/Courtesy of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base) WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE -- A driver [...]

USAF removes posters displayed for years at Langley AFB following sexism complaints

A pair of posters quoting a 1955 Air Force manual were taken down at Langley Air Force Base after complaints they were sexist. (Military [...]

Sponsored: Seven must know concepts for carrying a firearm for protection

This article is brought to you by Ballistol -"the world's most useful and environmentally friendly lubricant since 1904." In the face of an ever-uncertain and changing [...]

Futile USAF Cover-Up Attempt Misses Opportunity to Send Strong DUI Message

Air Force commanders are taught in their formal training that the worst thing they can do in pursuing good order and discipline is fail to exercise [...]

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