The Air Force Nosedive Will Continue Until it Deals with Toxic Commanders

The Air Force is losing its people. They're bailing out. The generals are asking how they can reverse this flow and once again make the [...]

Quick Hits

Quick Hit: Dumb Article Stereotypes Entire Generation of Warriors

I'm only sharing this article to remark on how woefully misguided it is, and to critique the entire premise of bundling a generation of people [...]

Quick Hit: Bean Counters Finally Start Turning Against Military Band Waste

With generals crying in Congress about personnel and equipment shortages, it should be a shock to the taxpaying public that wasteful spending has not yet [...]

Curious Video: Air Force Parachute Infantry Vigilante?

Anti-shoplifting vigilante Norman Reynolds, 60, of Elkhart, IN. Photo: WSJV. Here's one that will likely make the Stolen Valor crowd apoplectic. Normal Reynolds appeared [...]


Air Force Lodging Policies Violate Federal Law

Last week, I published a post criticizing the leadership at Holloman Air Force Base for its policy mandating TDY airmen stay in base lodging during [...]

Holloman Commander Screws Airmen to Save a Few Bucks

The guy in the picture is Houston Cantwell, an Air Force O-6 in command of Holloman's 49th Wing. He might be gazing upon distant memories, [...]

Coming Soon: Spencer Stone to Star in Film Portraying His Heroism

Staff Sergeant Spencer Stone, famed terrorist ass-kicker who subdued a would-be gunman while off duty on a Paris-bound train in 2015, will star in an [...]

The Exact Day the Tailspin Started, and the Clue to Breaking It

Ask most people to sum up the state of the Air Force today, and they'll acknowledge things are a mess. Low morale, insufficient manpower, excessive [...]

Air Force Fitness: Here’s the Fix

This past week, we've spent our dime energetically flogging the Air Force's fitness program. This program is really just a test, the results of which [...]

10 Reasons to Kill the Air Force Fitness Test

Yesterday, we told you about utterances from the Air Force grapevine indicating that the service might stop discharging airmen solely because of failed fitness tests. [...]

Rumor: Air Force to Follow Navy Example, Grant Fitness Amnesty

Fresh from the news that the Navy will retain 48,000 sailors who stood to be cashiered for failing their physical fitness tests, rumors are flying [...]

No, the Air Force Will Not Bring Back Warrant Officers in 2018

In a recent piece from Air Force Times' Stephen Losey, the question is posed and speculated upon. It's good of Losey to keep this question [...]

Hall of Shame: The Legacy of Al Udeid’s Failed Commanders

Photo credit: Stephen Mayne. Early last year, we brought you coverage of the mold issues plaguing transit housing at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, [...]

Lynch Mob Media Wakes Up, Wrongly Hyperventilates Over 2016 Appellate Ruling

Tech. Sgt. Jaime Rodriguez (Air Force) TSgt. Jaime Rodriguez is a dirtbag. The facts of his conviction in a 2013 court martial leave [...]

Yeah, Pretty Much This Deployed Tanker Squadron Has a Safety Problem

A U.S. Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker, assigned to the 340th Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron sits on the flightline after flying a mission over the [...]

Does this Deployed Tanker Squadron Have a Safety Problem?

A pilot from the 340th Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron prepares to take off in a KC-135 Stratotanker in support of an Operation Inherent Resolve [...]

Desperation Move: Air Force to Experiment With Partial Training of Pilots

I've been saying it for years and I'll say it again: the Air Force does not have a pilot shortage because of a shortage of [...]

Good Commander, Bad Leadership

I respect Jerry Martinez. When I worked for him a decade ago, I found his orientation as a leader to be spot-on. His concern in [...]

As USAF Hemorrhages Due to Tempo, Wasteful Deployments Continue

Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson has been dead honest about the Air Force's unfolding human resource crisis. There are not enough pilots for [...]

No, Imbeciles … this Airman is Not Protesting.

Back in the days before we lost our collective minds, there was a common sense rule about taking things mainly at face value. The most [...]

The Air Force is Breaking. Who is Accountable?

The Air Force's leaders are ringing the alarm that the force is on the verge of breaking. As reported by Air Force Times' Stephen Losey, [...]

Why Trump Should Shut The Hell Up About Bergdahl

In one particular way, Trump is the ultimate American role model. Every day, he reminds us that cherishing free speech means tolerating objectionable commentary from [...]

Air Force Implements Policy to Ease Strain of Yearlong Deployments

As we've reported here recently, the Air Force has been taking steps to reduce the burden of deployment being placed on airmen -- something that [...]

Check Out Ramstein’s Facepalm-Worthy Green Dot Video

When genuine attempts to address a legitimate issue are placed into the unworthy hands of a lumbering bureaucracy, unintentional comedy often ensues. More often than [...]