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The Good Son, Part 5: The New Normal

Upon our son’s return I took him to a new dentist outside of town and it turned out that he had no cavities, therefore had no work completed and was scheduled for a follow-up in a year. We started new Village therapy with a very young counselor and held the therapy in their office, versus [...]

The Good Son: Part 4, Shodair Children’s Hospital

Our son returned home in June 2012 and immediately attended a basketball camp. It was summer with no school, so it was going to be a challenge keeping him busy. He had appointments with his old therapist, which achieved little to no outcome. He went on outings with his mentor and they started to bond [...]

The Good Son: Part 3, Northwood Children’s Services

My son officially began his stay on August 29, 2011, with the Wolverine Team. I would have email and phone contact with his case manager, which would be both a blessing and a curse. School was about to begin in a few weeks and he was getting settled into his new environment. His mother was [...]

The Good Son, Part 2: Pride Manchester House

His last day before being kicked out of school at the end of January 2011, started out like any other day. A few hours later he was suspended for two days and he was taken to the emergency room (ER), where he proceeded trash the room we were placed in. The doctor said there was [...]

The Good Son, Part 1: Third and Fourth Grade

In 2002, the divorce was finalized between me and his mother, I would have the boys over every Friday through Sunday every week. We both remarried and had other sons, so I changed to getting the boys every other weekend. The year was 2009 and I had been in the Missile Squadron a year as [...]

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