Congressman threatens USAF, says he’ll give light attack planes to Army for Special Operations

A former Green Beret-turned lawmaker has had enough of the US Air Force dragging its feet to field propeller-driven light attack planes- and is now threatening to give the project to the Army. Rep. Michael Waltz, R-Fla., expressed his disdain at the slow-moving USAF when it comes to a Counter Insurgency (COIN) and Light Close [...]

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USAF F-35s drop 39 tons of bombs on “ISIS-infested” island

An ISIS-infested island in Iraq was blasted with over 39 tons of bombs from US Air Force F-35s and F-15s, creating some of the most awesome display of firepower to hit the internet in years.

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Air Force backs a USAF aircrew after they stayed at a Trump-owned hotel in Scotland

The US Air Force is backing an aircrew that stayed in a Trump-branded hotel in Scotland, claiming that they followed procedure and did nothing wrong. The C-17 Globemaster III crew made a scheduled stop at Glasgow's Prestwick Airport in March and when they booked their stay at Trump's Turnberry resort, hoping to get a little [...]

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Air Force A-10 accidentally fires live rocket near Tucson

An A-10 went “hog wild” and accidentally fired an unguided rocket over the Arizona skies near Tucson Thursday morning, prompting an investigation. The rocket, which was inadvertently launched in military-controlled airspace, was a white phosphorous M156, better known as part of the Hydra 70 series of rockets. While useful against soft vehicle targets and other [...]

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$8 million for Air Force base will likely be diverted to build border wall

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. – The passenger terminal provides access to the base’s flight line July 30, 2019, at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. It is the hub for all movement of personnel and cargo to and from the base and was recently named the best small air terminal in the Air Force. [...]

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Airman becomes first USAF female to earn Army’s Ranger tab

Since 1955, when the Army began accepting Airmen into its school, nearly 300 Airmen across different Air Force Specialty Codes have earned the Ranger tab. 1st Lt. Chelsey Hibsch joined those ranks and became the first Air Force female Airman to earn the tab. She pinned on her tab at the Army’s Ranger school graduation [...]

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Russia in talks with Turkey to sell Su-57 fighter jet after US suspends F-35

A prototype of the Su-57 in flight at the MAKS 2011 air show. (wikipedia coomons) Russia is in talks with Turkey to sell its Su-57 stealth fighter jet to the NATO member state, a senior Russian official said on Wednesday, state media reported. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was shown the advanced fighter [...]

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