Retirement Debacle Illustrates Why No One Trusts Government

Everyone expects to be fleeced by profit-grubbing businesses. Deceit and wallet-baiting by grimy grifters engaged in the capitalist game are embedded in the American way, for better and worse. But one does not, and should not, expect such treatment from the government, even and especially when that government is also serving as employer. Which brings [...]

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Military Morale Sacrificed as Pawn in Shutdown Political Game

As everyone is now painfully aware, the cabal of braying jackasses in Washington have taken it upon themselves to once again be a government that refuses to govern. Friday at midnight, the federal government shut down, lacking funding because Congress was more interested in sowing division and stoking resentment. In a sense, the response is [...]

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Freed Felon Chelsea Manning to Run For Senate

According to papers filed with the Federal Election Commission last week, Chelsea Manning is running for the US Senate in the state of Maryland. The January 11th filing registers Manning as a Democrat, meaning she will run against incumbent Ben Cardin. At 30, Manning meets exactly the minimum age requirement to run. It's not clear [...]

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Beyond the Partisan Headlines, Services Work Tirelessly to Help Puerto Rico Recover

Capt. Jared Powell, 15th Airlift Squadron C-17 Globemaster III aircraft commander, flies a C-17 to pick up cargo for a humanitarian mission to Puerto Rico, Sept. 28th, 2017. Powell, along with his aircrew, picked up Army Soldiers and relief supplies to deliver to Ceiba, Puerto Rico. The 15th Airlift Squadron, 437th Airlift Wing, worked [...]

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Will Reality Winner Walk Because of FBI “Mistake”?

A recent article shared to JQP Facebook from affiliate site Popular Military asserted that the FBI made a "mistake" in the process of arresting Reality Winner, an Air Force veteran and former government contractor charged with unlawful disclosure of classified information. The comment section lit up with legal analysis, some from laywers and some from [...]

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The Nature of Bureaucratic Success

America may be some sort of republic, or democracy, or society. But the government running it is none of these. It is a bureaucracy. A massive, obese, lumbering administrative state drunk on power and infatuated with hidebound hierarchy and Byzantine rule structures that lend it the authority to reign over the supposedly ungovernable while pretending [...]

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$418M Kenyan arms deal bewilders lawmakers, USAF acquisition office accused of corruption

IOMAX USA INC's Archangel aircraft President Trump is spending his first weeks in office scrutinizing several contracts he believes aren’t in the financial best interest of the American taxpayer. However, it’s now being reported the previous administration may not have been acting quite as attentive when it approved a $418 million defense contract [...]

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