What the Hell, IAVA?

If there is one thing the veteran population won't abide, it's bullshit. With its decisions and actions the past few weeks, Paul Rieckhoff's Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) has erected a towering monument of bullshit in its own name, and is now in reputational free-fall with the population it claims to represent. It's [...]

Really, Charleston?

When I showed up to Charleston Air Force Base in 1999 as a new copilot, the place was run by operational giants. The outgoing commander of my squadron at the time was a guy by the name of Lt. Col. Fred Cianciolo ... a gruff-mannered and imposing 6'4" linebacker whose expectations were matched only by [...]

Air Force Confirms Retired Gen. Lichte Under Investigation for Sexual Assault

KANDAHAR AIR FIELD, Afghanistan - Gen. Arthur Lichte, Air Mobility Command commander, arrived here June 26, 2009 for a short visit with 451st Air Expeditionary Group leadership to see and discuss the current status and progress of air mobility assets here in the AOR and how to improve upon the processes. (U.S. Air Force [...]

Internal Report: Retired 4-Star Accused in Sexual Assault of Subordinate

According to an internal document obtained by John Q. Public, a retired Air Force O-10 and former commander of Air Mobility Command (AMC) has been accused of sexual assault by an active duty O-6 who says she was assaulted while under his command. The bulletin, which originated in the AMC command center, describes a complaint lodged [...]

Illinois Guard Declares War on Pokemon

It wouldn't be unreasonable to wonder whether the entire point of the new Pokemon app is to gauge how much confusion and disarray might be introduced into a military operating environment without firing a single shot. The craze has triggered widespread hyperventilation among senior officers ... reflecting a lack of composure and penchant for panic fundamentally inconsistent with any [...]

It’s Time for Debbie James to Step Down

There's an annoying habit in politics of waiting until the "proper" time to do things. This gets in the way of the entire point of politics (or so we tell ourselves): effective execution of the business of the people. Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James is due to step down sometime after the [...]

Another Home Run: CSAF Directs AFPC to Return Promotion Notification to Commanders

First, he admitted the pilot retention problem was a crisis in need of urgent attention from his level. Then, he committed to spending his first year in the seat making sure squadrons get healthy again, correctly labeling them the "beating heart" of the Air Force. Now this. Feast your eyes on an email sent to the [...]

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