Air Force Not Only Smaller, But More Top Heavy Than Ever Before

Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter has been pushing for the past few months a narrative holding that the military services have too many flag officers -- specifically too many four-star staff billets -- and that this reality is both expensive and counterproductive. This makes him the second defense chief to take aim at this particular issue [...]

More Online Muzzlings by Air Force NCOs

On an almost daily basis, we field submissions from people witnessing online crackdowns aimed at silencing the authorized, protected speech of Americans who happen to also serve the Air Force. The service has cultivated a toxic climate when it comes to this issue, with NCOs and junior officers playing the role of enforcer while more senior [...]

Internal Email Shows Air Force Pilot Shortage at “CRISIS” Level

(From left) Capt. Aaron Schuett, Capt. Cody Clark, Maj. Jason Bianchi, Capt. Robert Hendrick, 493rd Fighter Squadron pilots, walk to their F-15C Eagles to prepare for a training mission during the Tactical Leadership Program Jan. 18, 2013. (U.S. Air Force photo by Lausanne Morgan). For years, the Air Force has struggled to come [...]

My Take on Admiral McRaven’s Recent Commentary

Adm. Bill McRaven is one of the finest combat leaders this nation has ever produced. No one really doubts that. But just like anyone else, he's capable of getting things wrong once in awhile, and proved it recently by taking a public position worthy of little more than forceful repudiation. In his April 24th commentary "A [...]

“Order of the Unrendered Apology”

"Dig, if you will, a picture" ... of a periodic gathering, held at random intervals, whereby a group of gray-faced grand poobahs in ornate outfits with obscure insignia arbitrarily induct a favored crony into a meaningless order via a ceremony populated by muddled motifs and manufactured formality.  Now ... imagine the whole thing is funded by taxpayers and that the group in whose [...]

How to Destroy an Air Force Officer With Four Words: the Case of Maj. Michael Turpiano

In a viral blog post published last summer, former airman Kayce Hagen lamented the injurious influence of social science-driven sexual assault prevention strategies on Air Force culture ... and how those strategies created irrational fear that every male airman should be regarded as a sex predator poised to strike. She worried in particular about dangerous politicization and [...]

In Total Reversal, Welsh Admits Air Force is On Verge of Manpower Collapse

Two years ago, he decided to cut 19,000 airmen in one year instead of spreading those cuts over five years as Congress authorized. Now, Gen. Mark Welsh says the service has a manpower shortage in every mission area. "Virtually every mission area" faces critical manning shortages, and the Air Force risks burning airmen out. "We're [...]

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