In Message to Wing Commanders, Welsh Declares “Zero Privacy” Doctrine For All Airmen

General Mark Welsh, the Air Force Chief of Staff. (Photo: Air Force Times). As three officers at Laughlin Air Force Base fight for their livelihoods and professional reputations in the wake of a command-sponsored witch hunt, the Air Force's Chief of Staff (CSAF), Gen. Mark Welsh, has recently ordered new inquiries into the investigative and [...]

As Miley Gate Spins Out of Control, Air Force in Damage Control Mode

The story of a group of Air Force pilots witch hunted into personal and professional ruin based on misinterpretations of their private text messages has become national news. Rather than deal decisively with credible public reports of command misconduct, the service's leaders ignored the story, which has now spiraled into an open conversation about whether fundamental [...]

Now Available: Heat Lightning

Click here for Heat Lightning in the Amazon Kindle Store. More than 300,000 of America's sons and daughters comprise its Air Force, which is not just a warfighting service but a national institution with a proud tradition, a storied history, and a solemn duty to defend the nation's interests through air and space. Today's Air [...]

AFPC Deployment Flowchart, v6.9

See also: Stop Loss Debacle Exposes Inverted Air Force Priorities. Oct 14, 2015. Air Force Quietly Implements "Stop Loss" Provision to Fill Deployments. Oct 9, 2015. Leaked Memo Shows Depth of Air Force Manpower Crisis. June 17, 2015. AFPC Changes VSP Rules to Feed Obese Deployment Machine. May 29, 2014. Email From the Edge: Toxic [...]

Air Force Quietly Implements “Stop Loss” Provision to Fill Deployments

An email circulating among Air Force personnel channels is quietly putting human resource offices on notice of a new service policy that requires airmen to deploy beyond the duration of their service commitments. The new guidance instructs personnelists to deny retirement requests filed by airmen who have been selected to deploy, which basically enacts a [...]

Service Culture: You’re Doing it Wrong

General T. Michael Moseley introduced the Airman's Creed in 2007, destroying informal service creeds that had developed over decades. It's been a failed experiment in cultural engineering and should be repealed for the good of the service and its airmen. Every Air Force Chief of Staff yearns to leave an indelible mark on [...]