Top General Says Air Force Morale Got “Lost in the Shuffle”

Air Force Times recently released an article detailing its vain attempts over the past 18 months to persuade the Air Force to release the results of its 2015 Climate Survey, which was touted at the time as a major initiative to assess the morale of airmen during a turbulent moment for the service. Questioned at [...]

What the Hell, IAVA?

If there is one thing the veteran population won't abide, it's bullshit. With its decisions and actions the past few weeks, Paul Rieckhoff's Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) has erected a towering monument of bullshit in its own name, and is now in reputational free-fall with the population it claims to represent. It's [...]

CSAF Honors Fallen at EOD Memorial Ceremony

Gen. Welsh spoke this morning at the EOD Memorial Ceremony. This is CSAF at his best. I share it here to make sure it gets widest possible coverage.  Honestly, if this doesn't move you ... see a doctor and make sure you have human DNA. Click here and forward to 8:45 for CSAF's presentation.

New Siding for Air Force Houses … But What’s Underneath?

A tipster sent these photos to JQP along with the following message: "Columbus AFB housing is putting on new siding in many of the on base neighborhoods. Here are a few photos of what was found beneath the siding before they put the new stuff back on. Hunt Properties ... [which] runs base housing, will [...]

Photos Depict Serious Safety Breaches During C-17 Spouse Flight

To the casual eye, this may not look like much. To a C-17 crew member, it's an image that screams "WTF?!" This photo, one of several taken during a recent 2-ship spouse orientation event at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, appears to depict a clear breach of safety. When the cargo door is open, no one should be moving [...]

Edwards Air Force Base Locked Down for Mass Contraband, Urinalysis Sweep

Brig. Gen. Carl Schaefer claims to hold a high opinion of the airmen of Edwards Air Force Base, referring to its membership as "the best Wing in the AF." But if his recent decisions are any guide, his actual opinion varies considerably. Schaefer, who previously served as Special Assistant to the CSAF and SecAF for F-35 [...]

Exclusive: Civilian Assaulted in Air Force Video Speaks Out

Senior Master Sergeant Oscar Rodriguez, USAF (ret.) Last week, we brought you a disturbing video from a retirement ceremony at Travis Air Force Base in which a group of uniformed Air Force personnel physically detained and forcibly removed a civilian from a retirement ceremony. The clip: In that original story and in a [...]