Unauthorized Patriotism: USAF Uses Physical Force to Control Flag Ceremony

Retired SMSgt. Oscar Rodriguez is known for his moving and patriotic renditions of a specialized script during the folding of Old Glory at various ceremonies and tributes around the Travis Air Force Base community. He's been performing the script for years at the invitation of honorees and friends. But when he showed up to provide [...]

Video: Retired SMSgt Forcibly Removed from Retirement Ceremony

A follow-up to this story is available here. A video cued to JQP today by several airmen at Travis Air Force Base chronicles a physical confrontation between a group of uniformed airmen and a retired member of the community. Whatever happened here, it turned an important family ceremony into a disgraceful spectacle. In the 50-second clip, which was reportedly taken at [...]

After Trump Event, New Questions About Air Force Vet’s Backstory

Air Force veteran Alicia Watkins was recently exposed as having impersonated a reporter at a Donald Trump media event. Is she making other misrepresentations? (Photo: CNN) Note: JQP was assisted in researching this story by the operators of the "Air Force amn/nco/snco" Facebook page. Here at JQP, we look with a jaundiced eye upon false pretenses, and we focus mainly [...]

“Backbone in Need of Traction” … Dear Boss, NCO Version

The letter below was submitted to JQP by an Air Force NCO who gave permission to publish it on the condition of anonymity. In a note accompanying the letter, the author pointed out how previous iterations of these sorts of messages have come exclusively from officers, but that the systemic conditions and organizational failings articulated are [...]

3-Star Caught in Unprofessional Relationship … But Will He Be Disciplined?

Not long ago, Lt. Gen. John Hesterman was on the Air Force's "fast-track" to the very top. Not just the regular fast-track, by which many officers play the game adeptly and position themselves favorably to squeeze into the elite general officer ranks, but the "special handling" track, with assignments hand-massaged by key sponsors actively positioning [...]

Dear Boss, 2009 Version

The following is attributed to an unnamed Air Force officer and fighter pilot. It was written and widely circulated in 2009, striking a nerve with a broad subsection of airmen increasingly dismayed and emotionally divergent from the direction of the service. It got some attention at the senior level, but in the end the official response [...]

CSAF Tells Lawmakers Air Force Morale is “Pretty Darn Good”

A fascinating exchange took place during Thursday's Air Force posture hearings before the Senate Armed Services Committee.  Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK) asked "how is morale?" An incredibly important question not often posed in a Senate chamber but directly relevant to the service's posture and squarely within the four corners of the hearing, which touched repeatedly [...]