Random Major Single-Handedly Repeals 21st Amendment, Revives Prohibition

When Americans raise their hands and volunteer to join the military, they willingly enter into a reciprocal contract with the chain of command. Individuals agree to accept occasional restrictions on their conduct to the extent such restrictions are necessary to the maintenance of good order and discipline and supported by a valid military necessity justifying [...]

With Confusing and Alienating Email, Air Force Improves Officer Education Process

On October 24th, just three days before release of the results of competition for its scarce and prestigious seats at Intermediate and Senior Development Education (IDE/SDE) schools, the Air Force announced via email a policy change fundamentally altering how officers navigate the decision about whether to accept designation. Here's a screenshot of the email. Take a moment to [...]

Oh Good. More Garbage Social Media Advice from the Mattress Police.

The Air Force says it has public affairs function primarily so it can educate the American people on the story of airpower. This is how it justifies a public relations staff that is gargantuan by any objective standard, with roughly one publicist for every 70 airmen. But the justification is hollow, because it has turned this bloated staff [...]

In 16-Page Memo, Air Force Instructs Airmen on Exactly How They Will Tolerate Transgender Teammates

You can't manufacture social change. Not directly. Don't believe anyone who says otherwise. Social change is about people changing their minds. Notice I didn't say anything about changing peoples' minds. The best way to change the minds of others on a divisive social issue is to avoid, at all costs, professing that you want to [...]

Illegal Air Force Policy Places Conditions on Annual Leave

Members of the Air Force, regardless of rank, performance record, or degree of official approval, are entitled to 30 days of paid leave each year of service. Entitled. Not privileged. This entitlement is provisioned in public law. It is the will of the American people, ratified into the US Code by an act of Congress and signed into [...]

Puzzle Palace Chronicles: Air Staff Attacks Fighter Pilot Shortage By Offering Meaningless Awards

The Air Force doesn't have enough pilots to perform its mission. The shortage, which has been multiplying uncontrolled for years despite shrill warnings from everyone with a clue, is projected to continue accelerating in the years to come. Most acute is the shortage of fighter pilots, which is headed toward 1,000. This means the service [...]

“HPO”: the Secret Program that Grooms the Air Force’s Anointed Leaders

If you believe the company line, Air Force officer promotions are all about selecting the best performers for the biggest jobs, matching responsibility with capability. In this romanticized version of things, the best leaders reach the highest ranks, with generals forming an elite corps. The truth is more complicated. The officer promotion system sometimes gets it right, [...]