Air Force Force Prohibits Airmen from Drinking Alcohol During Trump’s Inauguration

Without explaining its rationale, the Air Force has issued a peculiar and eyebrow-raising order heightening military readiness and banning booze consumption among the 40,000 airmen assigned to Washington, D.C. for the 60-hour period encompassing Donald Trump's inauguration. The full order, issued by Maj. Gen. Darryl Burke on December 5th and also aimed at civil service members, is [...]

Air Force Fitness Test Debacle: Another Leadership Failure

Among the many poor decisions made by Mark Welsh during his tenure as Chief of Staff was a decree that he would not even consider substantial changes to the service's fitness program despite sound arguments from airmen at all levels that it wasn't effectively supporting the mission. When a four-star makes such a decree in [...]

A Look Back: A-10 Saboteur Now Northrop-Grumman Board Member

This article first appeared at the Arizona Daily Independent.It is shared here with permission. This month, President-elect Donald Trump’s tweet about the F-35 was making headlines at about the same time the plane’s biggest cheerleader, General Mark Welsh, was making headlines of his own. “The F-35 program and cost is out of control,” Trump tweeted [...]

Cashing In: Welsh Buries Snout in Defense Feeding Trough

Well, that escalated quickly. Barely five months removed from his role as Air Force Chief of Staff, retired Gen. Mark Welsh has reportedly accepted a board membership with Northrop-Grumman, the nation's third largest defense contractor. There he'll fatten his personal holdings by hocking galactically priced gadgets for a company that grosses nearly $30B in annual weapon [...]

Finance Troop Cries Out for Help in E-9 Facebook Forum

Love it, hate it, or choose to ignore it, the "Ask a Chief Virtual Panel" manages to generate a fair number of useful questions about Air Force life, even if it trips over its own self-important protocol in failing to provide useful answers most of the time. Here at JQP, we're generally critical of the [...]

Random O-4 Pulls Rank on CSAF, Restores Eliminated Additional Duty

On August 18th, Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James and General David Goldfein signed a memorandum on the subject of eliminating additional duties and issued it to the Air Force. [James showed zero interest in this issue over the prior three years and helped create the problems being addressed, so she will henceforth [...]

CSAF Yanks Personnel Leash, Restores Options for School Selected Officers

Last week, we brought you the story of a new Air Force policy designed to increase flexibility for Air Force officers selected to attend in-residence development education. The gist of the new policy was that it permitted officers declining school to stay in the Air Force, but there was a catch: they had to make [...]