Greg’s Winning Idea to Fix Air Force Morale

As airmen know painfully well, morale in the Air Force today is not "pretty darn good" ... despite former Chief of Staff Mark Welsh's notorious assertion in Senate testimony earlier this year. As we discussed here recently, Welsh hadn't even bothered assessing morale. He was basically pulling his response out of thin air. Had he taken a [...]

With Confusing and Alienating Email, Air Force Improves Officer Education Process

On October 24th, just three days before release of the results of competition for its scarce and prestigious seats at Intermediate and Senior Development Education (IDE/SDE) schools, the Air Force announced via email a policy change fundamentally altering how officers navigate the decision about whether to accept designation. Here's a screenshot of the email. Take a moment to [...]

Administration Suspends Bonus Debacle, But Please Hold Your Applause

The Obama Administration has been a long season of darkness for the military and veteran community. Despite campaign promises to reduce the strain on military families, Obama has drastically increased the stresses of military life by slashing resources and manpower without dialing back mission demands. He's consistently taken bad strategic advice from generals and bureaucrats far [...]

Photo of the Day: Airmen Forced to Attend Condom Class

Warning: this story contains an explicit image that some may find offensive. Welcome to another day in Camp Cupcake. Whenever you believe you've glimpsed the worst possible example of the infantilization of adult military volunteer servicemembers, there will always be another, more horrifying spectacle to behold. The photo below, according to the multiple sources who provided [...]

In 16-Page Memo, Air Force Instructs Airmen on Exactly How They Will Tolerate Transgender Teammates

You can't manufacture social change. Not directly. Don't believe anyone who says otherwise. Social change is about people changing their minds. Notice I didn't say anything about changing peoples' minds. The best way to change the minds of others on a divisive social issue is to avoid, at all costs, professing that you want to [...]

Puzzle Palace Chronicles: Air Staff Attacks Fighter Pilot Shortage By Offering Meaningless Awards

The Air Force doesn't have enough pilots to perform its mission. The shortage, which has been multiplying uncontrolled for years despite shrill warnings from everyone with a clue, is projected to continue accelerating in the years to come. Most acute is the shortage of fighter pilots, which is headed toward 1,000. This means the service [...]

Top General Says Air Force Morale Got “Lost in the Shuffle”

Air Force Times recently released an article detailing its vain attempts over the past 18 months to persuade the Air Force to release the results of its 2015 Climate Survey, which was touted at the time as a major initiative to assess the morale of airmen during a turbulent moment for the service. Questioned at [...]