Administration Suspends Bonus Debacle, But Please Hold Your Applause

The Obama Administration has been a long season of darkness for the military and veteran community. Despite campaign promises to reduce the strain on military families, Obama has drastically increased the stresses of military life by slashing resources and manpower without dialing back mission demands. He's consistently taken bad strategic advice from generals and bureaucrats far [...]

What the Hell, IAVA?

If there is one thing the veteran population won't abide, it's bullshit. With its decisions and actions the past few weeks, Paul Rieckhoff's Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) has erected a towering monument of bullshit in its own name, and is now in reputational free-fall with the population it claims to represent. It's [...]

Here’s an Example of Why No One Trusts the Air Force

Trust is not built on perfection or even on discipline. Trust is built on mutual honesty. Authenticity. Genuineness in word and deed. For too long, the Air Force has favored perfection (or more accurately, total risk aversion) over authenticity in both its inward and outward facing communications. For that reason, no one trusts the Air [...]

MRFF demanding USAF Major be investigated for having Bible on desk

U.S. Air Force Maj. Steve Lewis from the Headquarters Reserve National Security Space Institute, center, and Capt. Paul Rogers, Air Force Space Command Advanced Space Operations School, left, speak to a U.S. Army Warfighter about developing advanced training for conducting Navigation Warfare operations in contested, degraded and operationally-limited (CDO) domains. The RNSSI and ASOPS, [...]

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Taxpayer Funded Wingman Day Clownery Reaches a New Low

"Wingman Day." Just take a moment to let yourself bask in the stupidity of that basic concept. For anyone with even a Bud-Light-commercial grasp of the wingman idea, it's immediately obvious that naming a day after it is the most immediate and certain way to strip it of any cachet, to make it decidedly uncool, and [...]

Goldfein Starts Strong, Making Pilot Shortage His First Issue

Ever since Gen. Dave "Fingers" Goldfein was announced as the nominee to succeed Gen. Mark Welsh as Chief of Staff of the Air Force (CSAF), people have been telling me online and offline just how much this guy gets it. Scores of stories and anecdotes have insisted on a central theme: that he's a consummate leader [...]

Politicians and Operators: the Virtuous and Vicious Cycle of the Air Force’s Promotion Systems

In discussing how organizations perform, there’s a common tendency to attribute failures (and successes) to a single or dominant cause. “This place is a mess because of bad leadership” … “morale is horrible because we lack resources” … or a personal favorite, “we’re in a tailspin because of Obama.” While (some of) these simplistic explanations [...]