After Flood of Bad Press, Air Force Flip-Flops on Travis Retirement Debacle

About two years ago, Gen. Mark Welsh made a remark during one of his many base visits that made me think, incorrectly, that he understood something important about public agency leadership. He said (paraphrasing) that the Air Force should listen to its critics, because they’re not always wrong. Had he followed his own advice more [...]

Air Force Not Only Smaller, But More Top Heavy Than Ever Before

Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter has been pushing for the past few months a narrative holding that the military services have too many flag officers -- specifically too many four-star staff billets -- and that this reality is both expensive and counterproductive. This makes him the second defense chief to take aim at this particular issue [...]

Epilogue: Molly Three Pilots Move On, But Case Continues to Echo Through Air Force

Over the course of several months, we brought you the concerning tale of the Molly Three, a group of Laughlin-based Instructor Pilots who found themselves ensnared in the dragnet of official suspicion and had their lives crushed before the truth of their innocence on drug charges could catch up. You can find the full library of articles [...]

Law Firm Video Pummels Flaws in Military Sex Assault Cases

Having never been personally involved with any of his cases, JQP can't vouch for Will Helixon or his firm. But we will say this ... that military members accused of any criminal act with even the vaguest connection to any sexual impropriety need strong legal representation. That kind of representation won't ordinarily come from the [...]

Hypocrisy that Doesn’t Even Bother to Hide

The chief lawyers of the military services chose the 72nd anniversary of D-Day to launch their own offensive. They sent a joint letter to Sen. John McCain, Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, lobbying against legislation aimed at improving the military justice system by reducing the role of the commander in favor of an expanded [...]

Video: Would President Trump Protect the GI Bill?

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was asked a softball question on CNN recently. His answer swung and missed. Chris Cuomo asked Trump if he supports the GI Bill. Trump initially sidestepped, remarking only that he didn't want to hurt veterans. When Cuomo repeated the question, Trump seemed to say "no" before dissembling into a rambling and [...]

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Video: Burned Out Air Force Stretched to Breaking Point

Col. Gentry Boswell, Commander of the 28th Bomb Wing, discusses fleet and aircrew readiness challenges with Fox News. (Photo: FNC) It wasn't long ago that the Air Force's Chief of Staff went to Capitol Hill and reported to the Senate Armed Service Committee that morale across the service was "pretty darn good." We [...]