My Take on Admiral McRaven’s Recent Commentary

Adm. Bill McRaven is one of the finest combat leaders this nation has ever produced. No one really doubts that. But just like anyone else, he's capable of getting things wrong once in awhile, and proved it recently by taking a public position worthy of little more than forceful repudiation. In his April 24th commentary "A [...]

Name of USAF C-17 used to transport Biden to Iraq causes controversy

A “controversially”-named C-17 Globemaster III that recently transported Vice President Joe Biden to Iraq Thursday is causing a stir on the internet. Photographers captured photos of the C-17 offloading Biden, which raised red flags all over the internet. “How ludicrous is it that Biden is flying in an C-17 called ‘The Spirit of Strom Thurmond?” [...]

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“Order of the Unrendered Apology”

"Dig, if you will, a picture" ... of a periodic gathering, held at random intervals, whereby a group of gray-faced grand poobahs in ornate outfits with obscure insignia arbitrarily induct a favored crony into a meaningless order via a ceremony populated by muddled motifs and manufactured formality.  Now ... imagine the whole thing is funded by taxpayers and that the group in whose [...]

Air Force SAPR Fails, Volume One

For the last several years, the Air Force has assiduously pursued one of its organizational goals with unswerving persistence. No, not the goal of reducing and working toward the elimination of sexual assault in the ranks. That would be a valid objective likely to generate strong, sensible policies. Instead, the Air Force has pursued the objective [...]

Integrity First? Air Force Continues Dodging and Stonewalling on Travis AFB Assault

It was April 3rd that a civilian member of the Travis Air Force Base community was assailed by a group of uniformed airmen and chucked from a retirement ceremony to which he'd been invited by the honoree. It was just a few days later that we shared video evidence of the incident, followed shortly thereafter [...]

Video: Anti-American Radical Assails Airman During Incirlik Open House

Photo: local Turkish officials detain a pair of men who confronted an NCO on Incirlik Air Base and attempted to put a bag over his head. For the better part of the past year, Incirlik Air Base has been on lockdown. Officials have focused intensely on force protection as the base has undertaken a key role in operations [...]

Infographic: How the Air Force is Changing

The Air Force is known for its employment of cutting edge technology, but at the end of the day, it's about airmen. How well squadrons of airmen fight will determine whether the Air Force does its duty in future conflicts, and whether the nation is adequately defended. Accordingly, understanding how the composition of the force [...]