Air Force VIP Tours Trigger Cancellations, Closures

One of the more dependable facets of Air Force life ... more dependable perhaps than the ritualistically wholesale changing of uniform designs every 6-9 years ... is the constant traipsing of senior generals and other anointed dignitaries through Air Force bases on "how ya doin" tours. This is the reason protocol staffs routinely outsize weapons and [...]

Exclusive: Civilian Assaulted in Air Force Video Speaks Out

Senior Master Sergeant Oscar Rodriguez, USAF (ret.) Last week, we brought you a disturbing video from a retirement ceremony at Travis Air Force Base in which a group of uniformed Air Force personnel physically detained and forcibly removed a civilian from a retirement ceremony. The clip: In that original story and in a [...]

Unauthorized Patriotism: USAF Uses Physical Force to Control Flag Ceremony

Retired SMSgt. Oscar Rodriguez is known for his moving and patriotic renditions of a specialized script during the folding of Old Glory at various ceremonies and tributes around the Travis Air Force Base community. He's been performing the script for years at the invitation of honorees and friends. But when he showed up to provide [...]

After Trump Event, New Questions About Air Force Vet’s Backstory

Air Force veteran Alicia Watkins was recently exposed as having impersonated a reporter at a Donald Trump media event. Is she making other misrepresentations? (Photo: CNN) Note: JQP was assisted in researching this story by the operators of the "Air Force amn/nco/snco" Facebook page. Here at JQP, we look with a jaundiced eye upon false pretenses, and we focus mainly [...]

Vindication: 2-Star Throws Out Felony Conviction in Allmon Case

It's rare in the noticeably compromised and hyper-politicized Air Force justice system that we have the opportunity to applaud a decision. Today occasions one such rare moment, with Maj. Gen. Richard Clark's sober, judicious, and responsible grant of partial clemency in the case of TSgt. Aaron Allmon, a decorated combat photographer hounded by overzealous prosecutors on transparently stacked charges [...]

The Bergdahl Interview Transcript

Photo: Associated Press. Bowe Bergdahl's defense team recently released an unedited, un-redacted version of the transcript from his interview with Maj. Gen. Kenneth Dahl.  Army prosecutors immediately began hyperventilating, accusing Bergdahl's defense team of somehow behaving irresponsibly. They're threatening to invoke a writ no one ever uses, which makes sense given they're pursuing [...]

3-Star Caught in Unprofessional Relationship … But Will He Be Disciplined?

Not long ago, Lt. Gen. John Hesterman was on the Air Force's "fast-track" to the very top. Not just the regular fast-track, by which many officers play the game adeptly and position themselves favorably to squeeze into the elite general officer ranks, but the "special handling" track, with assignments hand-massaged by key sponsors actively positioning [...]