Fallen Special Ops Airman given a Viking warrior send off

A fallen US Air Force Combat Controller was given a “viking funeral” by his friends, who lit a miniature nordic vessel on fire in his honor. Staff Sergeant Dylan James “E.L.” Elchin was serving as a J-TAC with the 26th Special Tactics Squadron when he was killed on November 27, 2018, in Andar District of [...]

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Air Force is trying to determine what to do about Elon Musk’s pot smoking

The US Air Force is trying to figure out how to deal with civilian contractors who have their “heads in the clouds,” thanks to SpaceX head Elon Musk and a little bit of marijuana. Musk recently raised some uniformed eyebrows after he smoked marijuana on a live-cast video, a big no-no for anyone with a [...]

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Quick Hit: Air Force Continues Trying to Solve Pilot Shortage With Small Ideas

In its latest attempt to stem a gushing arterial bleed with a Hello Kitty bandaid, the Air Force is now offering more flight pay to aircrew members and inviting retired geezers to come back on active duty for 12 months to hold down swivel chairs on superfluous staffs. The scant details are mentioned in Stars [...]

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Quick Hit: Dumb Article Stereotypes Entire Generation of Warriors

I'm only sharing this article to remark on how woefully misguided it is, and to critique the entire premise of bundling a generation of people together and presuming they have sufficient commonality to be regarded as a bloc. Read this piece -- if for no other reason than to see in clear terms what a [...]

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Quick Hit: Bean Counters Finally Start Turning Against Military Band Waste

With generals crying in Congress about personnel and equipment shortages, it should be a shock to the taxpaying public that wasteful spending has not yet been wrung out and translated into value-added capital. Not by a longshot. Stars and Stripes reports that a recent GAO study documented $1.37B in spending on salaries for military band [...]

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Curious Video: Air Force Parachute Infantry Vigilante?

Anti-shoplifting vigilante Norman Reynolds, 60, of Elkhart, IN. Photo: WSJV. Here's one that will likely make the Stolen Valor crowd apoplectic. Normal Reynolds appeared in front of judge earlier today after having fired his personal weapon at fleeing shoplifters in the parking lot of a discount department store, according to the report of a [...]

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A Wet Towel for a Train Wreck: CMSAF Sends Email Begging E-9s to Fix EES Problems

CMSAF is apparently only now realizing that all of those warnings we and others gave him about the EES rollout were valid. Less propaganda, more transparency, we said. Ignored. Less control, more cooperation, we said. Ignored. Less top down forcing and more persuasion on the merits, we said. Ignored.   And now, with injured credibility, [...]

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