The Best EPR Ever Written

Jubilant airmen cheering after reading the best report ever written. We'll just leave this here. By poking fun at the rolling Disneyesque game of fantasy writing that is the contemporary performance reporting system of the nation's Air Force, this makes a nice epitaph for the now defunct legacy EES. The new system? Well, it [...]

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AFPC Spokesperson Updates Excuses For SSgt Promotion Fiasco

Air Force Times posted an article Saturday morning containing a Q&A session with an AFPC spokesman. The topic: AFPC's lame attempt to save face after hosing 1,300 Senior Airmen out of their hard-earned promotion opportunity and then conducting a circular firing squad with those airmen in the middle as its sole official response. For those joining [...]

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Admin Debacle Excludes 85 NCOs From Promotion Board, AFPC Blames the Victims

Air Force Times ran a story Friday ("Eighty-five tech sergeants' EPRs not submitted for promotion process") detailing the latest downhill tumbling snowball of human resource clownery in a service that works in it like an art form. Summarizing: 85 members of the spine of the Air Force -- interminably task saturated, hard-working contributors to its [...]

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Official EES Guidance, 31 Jul 15, Version 3

For those unable to access AFPC's MyPers site (or preferring quicker/easier access to this information), here's the official guidance governing the new Enlisted Evaluation System. Analysis later. For now, here's the raw information. [scribd id=274182984 key=key-GmlgWq0zBC9zzvoBGYUH mode=scroll]

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Chief Chat: First Reactions

CMSAF interacted with airmen for just under 13 minutes today, answering questions from the field delivered electronically and narrated by a spokesperson who did her best to be conversational as a device to make the format less awkward. An ornamental crowd watched in silence, ABU blouses creased, hats blocked. You know, because we have free [...]

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Promotions and Mentorship: a Comment on a Comment

Noticed the quote below, posted by a Chief offering mentorship and guidance on a social media forum. Got me thinking. Thought it might do the same for you. "Not to add to all the shock and awe in the aftermath of the MSgt release, but I must say all the questions about how the board [...]

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Time Capsule: A Chiefing to Remember

For many veterans, summer brings with it memories of desert deployment. There's something about a 130-degree heat that sears itself into the mind's permanent storage, right alongside cherished recollections of swapouts that always seemed to fall before July 4th if you were heading out and after that weekend if you were heading home.  As a [...]

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