Airman tells his secret to get away with long hair and beard in the Air Force

For some new members of the Air Force, maintaining a "hip" appearance is more important than the Air Force's need for uniformity that -in theory- reinforces cohesion and discipline to achieve collective goals.

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USAF Major accused of tampering with evidence related to his wife’s disappearance

Major Andre Sean McDonald and his wife Nicole. A Major in the US Air Force Reserve was scheduled for a hearing this morning in relation to charges concerning the tampering of evidence and disappearance of his wife. Major Andre Sean McDonald, a cyber warfare officer based out of San Antonio, Texas, is currently [...]

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USAF promotes Wilson’s infrastructure plan before she steps down as Sec. of USAF

The US Air Force is adopting an Infrastructure Investment Strategy (abbreviated as I2S) praised and possibly created in part by former Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson, despite the fact that Wilson has resigned. The new strategy reportedly changes the way in which the USAF maintains its facilities, using a system that focuses on getting work [...]

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Air Force civilian employee sentenced for stealing $1.5M with a pay scheme

Screenshot from video below A civilian employee of the US Air Force has been sentenced to prison after scamming the government out of around $1.5 million over a period of 17 years. Michelle M. Holt, who worked for the Air Combat Command's communications support squadron in Virginia, was sentenced to 4 years in [...]

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US Air Force officer shot and killed, murderer on the run

Lakeline Villas A US Airman was murdered in a Texas apartment complex, and police are on the hunt for his killer. 22-year-old Austin Robert Burroughs, an active duty member of the US Air Force, was shot and killed Sunday night in the Lakeline Villas parking lot. He would die at the scene. The [...]

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Man arrested after breaching security at Tinker Air Force Base

Timothy Garner An Oklahoma felon is in custody after he jumped the fence at Tinker Air Force Base and attempted to gain entry into the base’s water treatment facility. A convicted felon on parole for previous offenses, 36-year-old Timothy Garner has been out of prison less than a year and might be on [...]

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Trespassers who rammed USAF entry point and were shot at identified as minors

Lucas Zynel (left) and Symmian Phillips (right).  (Photo: Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office) Two teenagers are allegedly behind the gate breach that took place at Milwaukee’s Mitchell International Airport earlier this month, forcing their way into the compound of the 128th Air Refueling Wing and nearly running down several individuals. 16-year-old Lucas Zynel and [...]

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