Open Letter to the House and Senate Armed Services Committees

Hon. Senators and Representatives, Among the most solemn of your many duties is the oversight you provide of our Armed Services on behalf of the American people. It's no secret that without effective oversight and consistent auditing, agencies with the size, political power, and budgetary authority of the services are at constant risk of becoming breeding grounds [...]

Debbie James, Please Just Go Away Already

In typical Debbie James style, the outgoing Secretary of the Air Force has started saying a mercilessly long-winded goodbye. With two months or so left of work to do, she's already started making the media rounds to shore up her image and manicure her legacy, first appearing on the Daily Show and later granting access [...]

How to get away with using corrosive ammo during periods of ammo shortages

As a new administration takes over the executive branch, political uncertainty will drive gun owners to be looking to buy up as many firearms and munitions as they can in light of possible new legislation. Known affectionately in the gun community as ban-panic (or “banic”), the phenomenon tends to dry up conventional ammunition supplies from [...]

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With Elimination of Time-Based Points, Air Force Signals New Promotion Philosophy

In the Air Force enlisted promotion system, time has traditionally played a key role in the determination of winners and losers. More specifically, experience, as measured by time, has been the engine driving promotions. With enough time in grade and time in service, solid performers could overcome other weaknesses, because the Air Force took the view [...]

Random Major Single-Handedly Repeals 21st Amendment, Revives Prohibition

When Americans raise their hands and volunteer to join the military, they willingly enter into a reciprocal contract with the chain of command. Individuals agree to accept occasional restrictions on their conduct to the extent such restrictions are necessary to the maintenance of good order and discipline and supported by a valid military necessity justifying [...]

With Confusing and Alienating Email, Air Force Improves Officer Education Process

On October 24th, just three days before release of the results of competition for its scarce and prestigious seats at Intermediate and Senior Development Education (IDE/SDE) schools, the Air Force announced via email a policy change fundamentally altering how officers navigate the decision about whether to accept designation. Here's a screenshot of the email. Take a moment to [...]

Photo of the Day: Airmen Forced to Attend Condom Class

Warning: this story contains an explicit image that some may find offensive. Welcome to another day in Camp Cupcake. Whenever you believe you've glimpsed the worst possible example of the infantilization of adult military volunteer servicemembers, there will always be another, more horrifying spectacle to behold. The photo below, according to the multiple sources who provided [...]