Air Force to Fix Crippling Manpower Shortage by Adding 4,000 New Recruits

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein says the service is 30,000 airmen short of what it needs to meet requirements. We know this is an understatement because his recently retired predecessor -- now a board member at Northrop-Grumman -- admitted the shortage was at least 15% across the board, or 48,000 airmen. Luckily, help [...]

Air Force Academy cadet, retired USAF pilot father killed in midair collision

An Air Force Academy cadet and his father died New Year’s Eve when their aircraft collided with another small aircraft 35 miles north of Dallas near the Aero County Airport. Cadet 4th Class Timothy Barber was on Christmas break from the academy when the collision happened. His father, retired Lt. Col. Greg Barber, who served [...]

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Air Force Fitness Test Debacle: Another Leadership Failure

Among the many poor decisions made by Mark Welsh during his tenure as Chief of Staff was a decree that he would not even consider substantial changes to the service's fitness program despite sound arguments from airmen at all levels that it wasn't effectively supporting the mission. When a four-star makes such a decree in [...]

Open Letter to the House and Senate Armed Services Committees

Hon. Senators and Representatives, Among the most solemn of your many duties is the oversight you provide of our Armed Services on behalf of the American people. It's no secret that without effective oversight and consistent auditing, agencies with the size, political power, and budgetary authority of the services are at constant risk of becoming breeding grounds [...]

With Elimination of Time-Based Points, Air Force Signals New Promotion Philosophy

In the Air Force enlisted promotion system, time has traditionally played a key role in the determination of winners and losers. More specifically, experience, as measured by time, has been the engine driving promotions. With enough time in grade and time in service, solid performers could overcome other weaknesses, because the Air Force took the view [...]

Random Major Single-Handedly Repeals 21st Amendment, Revives Prohibition

When Americans raise their hands and volunteer to join the military, they willingly enter into a reciprocal contract with the chain of command. Individuals agree to accept occasional restrictions on their conduct to the extent such restrictions are necessary to the maintenance of good order and discipline and supported by a valid military necessity justifying [...]

Oh Good. More Garbage Social Media Advice from the Mattress Police.

The Air Force says it has public affairs function primarily so it can educate the American people on the story of airpower. This is how it justifies a public relations staff that is gargantuan by any objective standard, with roughly one publicist for every 70 airmen. But the justification is hollow, because it has turned this bloated staff [...]