Retired CENTCOM Air Force officer facing international kidnapping charges

Andrew Morcombe (Facebook) A retired Air Force officer is facing federal charges after authorities accused him of kidnapping his daughter to an overseas location in an effort to avoid losing custody. According to the Tampa Bay Times, former US CENTCOM officer Andrew Morcombe may be facing a federal indictment of international parental kidnapping, [...]

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Goldfein Starts Strong, Making Pilot Shortage His First Issue

Ever since Gen. Dave "Fingers" Goldfein was announced as the nominee to succeed Gen. Mark Welsh as Chief of Staff of the Air Force (CSAF), people have been telling me online and offline just how much this guy gets it. Scores of stories and anecdotes have insisted on a central theme: that he's a consummate leader [...]

Kadena Airmen on Perpetual Lockdown After Commander Makes Temporary Restrictions Permanent

There are 10,000 people assigned to Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan. One of them, a civilian, is implicated in the homicide of a Japanese civilian. As a result, all 10,000 members of the base will now have their liberties permanently infringed as a political demonstration to shore up support for continued US basing on the island. [...]

After Flood of Bad Press, Air Force Flip-Flops on Travis Retirement Debacle

About two years ago, Gen. Mark Welsh made a remark during one of his many base visits that made me think, incorrectly, that he understood something important about public agency leadership. He said (paraphrasing) that the Air Force should listen to its critics, because they’re not always wrong. Had he followed his own advice more [...]

Pentagon ‘willfully neglects’ airmen exposed to radiation in hydrogen bomb accident 50 years ago

Victor Skaar, a retired Chief Master Sgt. who was stationed at Moron Air base in Spain in 1966, said that on the morning of January 17, there was an aircraft accident involving nuclear weapons. A B-52 and KC-135 were refueling and they crashed. Four bombs were aboard the B52. This was during the Cold War, [...]

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Manufacturing Injustice: Air Force Improperly Trains Commanders on Article 15 Standards

There's lots of chatter recently about whether the military services should see their court systems reformed. At issue is whether these systems are sufficiently free from conflicts of interest and capably led by commanding officers adequately educated and trained to administer them. The touchstone for this rising movement is the issue of sexual assault, but [...]

Epilogue: Molly Three Pilots Move On, But Case Continues to Echo Through Air Force

Over the course of several months, we brought you the concerning tale of the Molly Three, a group of Laughlin-based Instructor Pilots who found themselves ensnared in the dragnet of official suspicion and had their lives crushed before the truth of their innocence on drug charges could catch up. You can find the full library of articles [...]