Al Dahfra Email Solicits Nominees for LGBT Airman of the Week

This one doesn't need much explanation. The email above was sent to the entire Al-Dahfra base populace last week. The base in United Arab Emirates hosts the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing, which is touted as a potent element of US airpower in the region. But even as it struggles to keep pace with a frenetic operational tempo, [...]

Today in History: Eisenhower’s Letter to the Troops

With the abundance of narrow bickering characteristic of our society these days, it's easy to lose perspective. But if we want to regain it, history is always there to be help us out. 72 years ago tonight, hundreds of thousands of young Americans were preparing for the Normandy Invasion. They knew many of them wouldn't [...]

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The Ribbon Rack Guide to the Air Force

Dropped munitions on someone or something the generals thought was important. Foiled a terrorist plot ... or herded baby ducklings off a busy road. Finance deployment medal. Wounded in combat ... or, special ornament for appearance on "Say Yes to the Dress." Retired, PCS'd, and planned a fun run. Kept a decent log book and MPF didn't [...]

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Video: Would President Trump Protect the GI Bill?

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was asked a softball question on CNN recently. His answer swung and missed. Chris Cuomo asked Trump if he supports the GI Bill. Trump initially sidestepped, remarking only that he didn't want to hurt veterans. When Cuomo repeated the question, Trump seemed to say "no" before dissembling into a rambling and [...]

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Powerful Video Focuses on Plight of Individual Airmen

I call your attention to a superb production from AFN Aviano and urge that you lend it three minutes that will be well worth the investment. JQP has been sharply critical of Gen. Mark Welsh's leadership of the Air Force, and not without good reason. But one thing that's always been the case is that Welsh says many [...]

Leaders Creating Considerable Improvement in Living Conditions at Al Udeid

Under the hand of Brig. Gen. Darren James, living conditions at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar -- home of the airpower nerve center overseeing combat operations in the region -- are finally starting to show visible improvement. In a message posted to Facebook May 9th, James outlines progress being made across a range of [...]

CSAF Honors Fallen at EOD Memorial Ceremony

Gen. Welsh spoke this morning at the EOD Memorial Ceremony. This is CSAF at his best. I share it here to make sure it gets widest possible coverage.  Honestly, if this doesn't move you ... see a doctor and make sure you have human DNA. Click here and forward to 8:45 for CSAF's presentation.