Airmen Confront Authoritarian Dictatorship on Korean Peninsula

Airmen at Osan Air Base are spending their days and nights pushing back against a seemingly unbreakable fascist autocracy. But it’s not the North Korean one pictured above … it’s their own chain of command. In a February memo issued by a Colonel who purports to be commanding a fighter wing but seems to be running a prison [...]

Airman’s Creed, Alternate Version

The following "open letter" was penned by a self-described "fed up Air Force officer." We're sharing it not only because it reflects attitudes and sentiments becoming more prevalent across an increasingly frustrated, tired, and under-resourced Air Force, but because senior leaders claim they care about what's troubling the force and want to fix it. Generals, if [...]

Edwards Air Force Base Locked Down for Mass Contraband, Urinalysis Sweep

Brig. Gen. Carl Schaefer claims to hold a high opinion of the airmen of Edwards Air Force Base, referring to its membership as "the best Wing in the AF." But if his recent decisions are any guide, his actual opinion varies considerably. Schaefer, who previously served as Special Assistant to the CSAF and SecAF for F-35 [...]

Integrity First? Air Force Continues Dodging and Stonewalling on Travis AFB Assault

It was April 3rd that a civilian member of the Travis Air Force Base community was assailed by a group of uniformed airmen and chucked from a retirement ceremony to which he'd been invited by the honoree. It was just a few days later that we shared video evidence of the incident, followed shortly thereafter [...]

Photo of the Day: An Air Force SSgt.’s Inspirational Community Service

The photo above was posted to the Beale Air Force Base Facebook page on April 11th with the following caption: "It seems more often than not that I'm worried about the future of America. However this morning the future of America surprise me. At 9:30 this morning while driving through Wheatland, California I witnessed a young [...]

Exclusive: Civilian Assaulted in Air Force Video Speaks Out

Senior Master Sergeant Oscar Rodriguez, USAF (ret.) Last week, we brought you a disturbing video from a retirement ceremony at Travis Air Force Base in which a group of uniformed Air Force personnel physically detained and forcibly removed a civilian from a retirement ceremony. The clip: In that original story and in a [...]

Unauthorized Patriotism: USAF Uses Physical Force to Control Flag Ceremony

Retired SMSgt. Oscar Rodriguez is known for his moving and patriotic renditions of a specialized script during the folding of Old Glory at various ceremonies and tributes around the Travis Air Force Base community. He's been performing the script for years at the invitation of honorees and friends. But when he showed up to provide [...]