Academy Microaggression Debacle Illustrates Air Force’s Poor Leadership

Hat tip to Steven Mayne, whose facebook page continues to unearth fascinating examples of the best and worst from within the US Air Force. Recently, he's shared with us an example from the Academy that crystallizes the shite quality of InChargeShip we've come accept from the service's senior NCOs. This particular fiasco started with ... [...]

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Senator Demands Answers in Shady Conviction of Maj. Clarence Anderson

Maj. Clarence Anderson was convicted of sexual assault in April, 2015 and is currently serving a 42-month prison term. He and his family have steadfastly maintained his innocence, petitioning the Air Force's courts and generals to revisit his case. Now, a United States Senator has jumped into the case, insisting in a January 24th letter [...]

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Retirement Debacle Illustrates Why No One Trusts Government

Everyone expects to be fleeced by profit-grubbing businesses. Deceit and wallet-baiting by grimy grifters engaged in the capitalist game are embedded in the American way, for better and worse. But one does not, and should not, expect such treatment from the government, even and especially when that government is also serving as employer. Which brings [...]

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The Rise of the Gutless Air Force Colonel

The problem with promoting someone to Colonel is that doing so vests in that person a belief that s/he has been invited to the Big Time ... and is destined for generalship. Each of these beliefs is almost always mistaken. But in the time Colonels are suspended in these mistaken beliefs, they avoid risk so [...]

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Military Morale Sacrificed as Pawn in Shutdown Political Game

As everyone is now painfully aware, the cabal of braying jackasses in Washington have taken it upon themselves to once again be a government that refuses to govern. Friday at midnight, the federal government shut down, lacking funding because Congress was more interested in sowing division and stoking resentment. In a sense, the response is [...]

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Freed Felon Chelsea Manning to Run For Senate

According to papers filed with the Federal Election Commission last week, Chelsea Manning is running for the US Senate in the state of Maryland. The January 11th filing registers Manning as a Democrat, meaning she will run against incumbent Ben Cardin. At 30, Manning meets exactly the minimum age requirement to run. It's not clear [...]

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Air Force Lodging Policies Violate Federal Law

Last week, I published a post criticizing the leadership at Holloman Air Force Base for its policy mandating TDY airmen stay in base lodging during multi-month RPA upgrade training. There was some adverse response to that post in the form of "someone else has it tougher so stop whining, etc." This is boilerplate rubbish. It [...]

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