Holloman Commander Screws Airmen to Save a Few Bucks

The guy in the picture is Houston Cantwell, an Air Force O-6 in command of Holloman's 49th Wing. He might be gazing upon distant memories, wistfully recalling episodes of courage, cowardice, glory, or loss. Or, he might just be reflecting pridefully on his decision to lock visiting airmen into roach-riddled billeting rooms in order to [...]

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Holloman Air Force Base to Temporarily Shelter Hundreds of Immigrant Children from Central America

Holloman Air Force Base near Alomogordo, New Mexico. Photo: USAF. A happy holiday news report by the Washington Times suggests that as many as 400 children have been authorized by U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to receive temporary housing at Holloman Air Force Base in the Alamogordo community in New Mexico, to allow [...]

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The Say-Do Gap

Air Force Chief of Staff (CSAF) Gen. Mark Welsh visited Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico just before the holiday break. Like virtually all CSAF base visits, this one included an all-call, with hundreds of airmen gathered in a hangar to absorb wisdom and information from the service's highest ranking officer. CSAF does these visits [...]

Good Kill: Unintentional Zombie Movie Depicts Hard-Knock Drone Life

I decided recently to digest and review Andrew Niccol’s self-proclaimed thriller “Good Kill,” recognizing that movies about the Air Force are too rare to let them slip by, especially when they purport to wrestle with a subject as timely as the evolving (devolving?) field of drone warfare. I ran into a problem right away. The [...]